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More and more people work from home and the circle of acquaintances is also becoming increasingly international.
Flying around the world is becoming more discouraged, but of course you want to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family all over the world.
Telephone is fun, but seeing each other live is of course much more fun and practical.

The new webcams from the Blizzard Pro family are versatile.
Whether for private or business use, you will be amazed at the quality.

Perfect for fun chats or serious meetings, The Blizzard Pro webcams always give you a clear view of the world.

In addition to the Pro series, Blizzard also has a basic model.
This is also an FHD camera but in comparison with the Pro models with less technology.

If you need more privacy during your video calls, then the use of a headset is highly recommended. The blizzard headsets give you complete privacy and quietness so that you can fully concentrate on the conversation without disturbing your surroundings.


Basic version consistes of the folling model:

The Pro version consists of 2 models, namely:

The Pro S version (with analog microphone) consist of 3 models namely:

(A355-S Pro QHD offers zoom function with SKYPE)

The Pro S version with 5X Zoom and analog microphones consist of 1 model namely:


The Blizzard wired headset consist of 1 model namely: