Blizzard A330 Pro

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Ultra sharp and fast !

Share happy moments online in FHD resolution !

Part of the Blizzard Pro-line, the A330 Pro webcam features a field-of-view of 90-degrees and is build with a FHD camera and superior Image Signal Processing (ISP).
A resolution of 1920*1080 ensures that the image is clear and razor sharp.
Color temperature is fixed at 5500K which is the European daylight temperature.
At 30fps, movements appear smooth and natural.
The built-in microphone with noise reduction ensures that the intelligibility is very good without a lot of ambient noise.


  • FHD (1920*1080) video quality at 30 frames-per-second
  • Color temperature 5500K (European daylight temperature)
  • 90-degree diagonal field of view
  • Plug-and-play USB-C connectivity (separate cable USB-C to USB-A)
  • Sensitivity 3300 mv/lux-sec
  • Microphone with noise reduction
  • Multiple mounting options

Product specifications

Active array size: 1920*1080
Power requirements: 100mA @ 1920*1080 30fps
Sensor size: 1/2.5 inch COMS sensor
Sensor model: JX-F23 Silicon Optronics
MAX SNR: >37dB
Sensitivity: 3300 mv/lux-sec
Shutter type: Electronic Rolling Shutter
AEC/Gain/White balance: 5500K
Maximum image transfer rate: FHD 30 fps
Focus length: 14mm
Operating temperature (ambient): –10°C to +60° C
Dimensions: 150mm*30mm*55mm
Interface: USB

Feature spotlight

FHD 1080P video quality at 30 frames per-second.
Brings FHD video to video calls which ensures that the image is clear and razor sharp.

USB type C connection for higher bandwidth.
USB type C connection to support the latest standard.

Plug-and-play USB-C connectivity.
Easily connects to PCs or Macs with no additional software
required. Camera will be shipped with separate USB-C to
USB-A cable.